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We build professional websites. We also create logos, business cards, banners. We help to strengthen your company's reputation including social network visibility. We provide advertising campaigns via Google or Facebook.

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We realize that communication is most important when creating a website. That is why we build on the personal approach. We want to understand the client's business, his future goals. This is the way to establish collaboration that makes sense and helps grow your business. Make an introductory meeting for free! ;)

Our Story Fotoaparát

Our company relies on several friends who have a knack for programming, designing, and helping clients create an online company identity.

Starting a business in the Czech Republic in 2014 meant a lot of learning and effort. Every decent big company started as small as we did. I am proud to have employed myself and I am proud of my ability to employ other people. What to say in conclusion? We all have the right to "our place on Earth".

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Visit the link above ;). Our programmer will tell you his story.

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The author of the artistic decorations on this website is Vladimir Vobornik