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How much does it cost to create, manage and operate a website?


Like a lot of things in life, setting a site price isn't possible right away. Based on one email, we won't tell you anything about the price :). The price is individual, because each of our websites is the unique original and is adapted to specific requirements.

It is good to realize that websites are an investment that will pay off in the future. Think about: What can they bring you if they serve at least 5 years and if we work to make their content always up-to-date and always attractive?

Template vs. Individual Design

Having a custom website will cost you more money. You will have to pay a designer and a coder (we have :) our own). However, it will create a website that is fast and flawless, and most importantly, exactly as you designed it. Professionally - every detail will be original.

A cheaper variant is a template - in our company, however, an individual web design usually does not cost more than a quarter than a WordPress website with a ready-made (high-quality paid) template. It alone will cost you thousands. Of course, you have to pay to implement, customize, and populate the template with your content, but it's no longer an expensive affair.

Gradual refinement of the price

Be sure not to expect us to increase the final price of the site, after we have agreed on a price minimum and price cap. Usually you will hear the good news from us that you will end up paying less than the ceiling we indicated in the first estimate. We set the price with balance and we are realistic.

At the time of signing the contract, the final price is already set.

If we further agree that the website will have additional functions and content, then you will certainly not stop at the fact that the costs will increase if we agree on a certain superstructure above the original order.

Of course, we talk openly about the price, as well as how far we are with its exact determination. You will know every day how much you have already spent with us, what exactly it was for, and you can intervene in our work.

Specific creation price

In order not to strain you anymore, we will move on to specific numbers. You can easily verify that it is probably difficult to pay less than EUR 400 for a normal medium-sized website. However, we start with smaller numbers, if it's really just a simple page or two with static content. For example, the musical page cost the customer 250 euros and was ready in 3 days.

We could still get with the price below. For example, this wesite of the band, built on a ready-made free template in WordPress, cost 130 euros. Band members can add content themselves. It's nothing special, but if that's enough for someone, we can start this as well, if we don't have too much work with more original projects. :) Such a website can be ready in 2 days.

Then it can be a larger website with all the details, such as pediatrics website. For such, we would like from you around EUR 600 and at least 2 weeks of time to work with your certain participation.

If there is a lot of it and if you want to help Google company, social networks, etc., and if you want us to take photos for you, we can get to EUR 850, such as for these website of construction and road transport or at this wholesale with tools custom e-shop.

Costs of operation, updates and extensions of the website

If you do not want any annual operating costs, we can set up free hosting. You will have a slightly slower site. Search engines will not like you so much. But you will have something. E.g. this music theme runs for free.

For all customers with higher requirements (excellent speed, web traceability, absolute reliability, fast response to requests for additions and changes to content), we offer top hosting at the multinational company Active24. Since we run the entire package of almost all our customers, we offer this top service for EUR 25 per year. This is at least a third lower price, which you will pay in the Czechia even for below-average quality hosting!

Updates and extensions of the website

We create websites so that you can easily add articles, photos, etc. yourself and for free. Otherwise, we will update and supplement your website for EUR 10 per hour of work. So it will almost always cost you a few tens of euros. :)


We think we have told you a lot about our pricing policy. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer them. ;)

Have we explained well what constitutes the price of a website and how do we set it? Do you believe that it is advantageous for you? Contact us to arrange a free appointment! We are curious what it will bring and we believe you too.

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