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What do people often ask us? Maybe you're interested too?

When communicating with the customer, everything possible is said.
You can see what is said often in this drop-down list of frequently asked questions:

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Can you make my site appear as high as possible in Google search results, Bing, etc.?
There are a number of standards and "best practices" that are very good to follow when creating a website. If you want to appear as high as possible on Google and other search engines, you need to have these policies properly implemented. For example, Google finds about 200 factors for each website, which it then uses to determine where to place it in natural search results. It also matters how much other reputable sites link to you (but watch out for paid catalogs that no one visits, such an investment is useless). It is a job for an SEO specialist with whom we work. You also need to have texts written correctly and engagingly, this is a job for a copywriter. If you don't have any, ours is handy. :)
Can you make a multilingual website in world languages?
Of course. The English, German and Italian versions are not a problem. Linguists and native speakers will help us. We can agree on any other languages.
What about resistance to hacker attacks?
We provide maximum resistance to hackers, which is especially suitable for websites of politicians, famous people and other exposed people. However, we believe that every website should be built in accordance with the latest security standards.
Do I need to hire an SEO specialist for keyword analysis?
But no way. We have under our control functioning SEO techniques and the creation of websites based on the analysis of keywords that people enter into search engines if they are looking for a service in your field of activity. Our own programmer can do something right and our external keyword analysis professional can do the other.
Do I still need a designer?
We are able to invent and complete the design. As far as possible, we can also get free graphics and pictures from photobanks. However, if you work with a designer, you can supply us with a ready-made design with graphics and we will create a website accordingly. In this case, we will charge you less for creating the website than if we created the design ourselves.
Do you offer fast customer support?
Are you used to having a programmer on hand? So you are right with us! You can arrange a visit to our technician directly at your company, where he will solve a specific problem on the spot. Website modifications can usually be done remotely - we try to shorten our reaction time and we also react on weekends.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Why don't you call it? You will see that communication with us is easy.. We look forward to hearing from you.

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