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How to Make the Website Suitable or Your Specific Customer?

Uživatelské testování webu

When creating pages, due care must be taken with user friendliness. It starts with the fact that we follow its basic principles - for example, sufficient font size, clear layout, intuitive controls, etc. But we will find out the most when we go to testing the web on people! :)

Don't worry, we work with living people, but they do not undergo destructive experiments with us. We label each site with "no one died in creating this site!" :)

How do we test?

When the website is ready, we will show it to our friends, tell them what actions to take on the website and monitor their behavior. How are they doing - what is easy for them and where do they get stuck?

We create so-called personas, which is a specification of the characteristics and needs of a typical visitor to your website. We will get a person who exactly matches this description and perform user testing with them.

We sit next to each other and just watch quietly and write notes in a notebook. Sometimes, with the consent of the preson, we record her activities with a camera.

Website modifications based on the results of person testing

You wouldn't even expect how much interesting knowledge about the friendliness of your future website we will learn with this testing! According to our structured notes, we fix one thing after another. Then we test again on someone else, but who belongs to the same persona (visitor type). And then we redesign the site and don't rest until we see that people are already using it quickly and easily.

Test for yourself

We recommend our clients to do such a survey themselves and tell us the result. It probably won't cost you anything, as you will definitely find a currently satisfied customer who will give in to your experiments voluntarily and for free. :)

Of course, there are also plenty of companies that are fully engaged in user testing, and you can hire one. We do not oppose cooperation.

Have we explained well how we ensure the user-friendliness of our websites by testing on humans? We can explain other matters to you in person. Contact us to arrange a free appointment! We are curious what it will bring and we believe you too.

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